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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically speaking, you are allowed to represent yourself. Realistically speaking, having assigned representation puts your home in front of the right audience and increases your chances of getting the best deal. Although representing yourself can save you money on commission fees, it can also lead to overlooking important details, not being able to negotiate as effectively as a professional, and opening yourself up to legal battles. By hiring an agent, you gain access to their extensive network and expertise in the real estate market. They can help you with everything from pricing your property to marketing it to potential buyers. Additionally, they can handle all the paperwork and legal aspects of the transaction, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other priorities in your life. Overall, while it is technically possible to represent yourself in a home sale, enlisting the services of an agent is a wise decision that can make the process smoother and more successful. Think about it this way: if you needed a major surgery, would you be trying to figure out how to save money and DIY the procedure? Absolutely not! Real Estate transactions represent some of the biggest investments and assets you have. Protect what’s yours (and what could by yours) by hiring a professional.

Finding a reputable, qualified and experienced lender is critical to the success of your real estate transaction.  Working with a lender who is reputable and qualified will make the whole process smoother and more stress-free because they will be able to provide you with sound advice and guidance on the best financing options for you. They can also explain all the technical details and jargon associated with the mortgage and loan process in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, a well-established lender can offer you more flexibility when it comes to structuring and negotiating loan terms and interest rates. Many lenders & mortgage brokers have access to different products, loan options, and rates. It is important to find the best rate but keep in mind, the lender with the best rate may not always provide the best service or have the consistent track record and reputation.

In short, the absolute best time of year to sell your house is whenever it works best for you financially. Typically we see the biggest boost both in home buyers and in a variety of new listings on the market in the Spring. The weather is usually somewhat pleasant, gardens are in bloom and yards and trees are green which makes real estate photography prettier, and house touring a little more appealing. Winter typically is slower with everyone settling down for the holidays and pausing their house-finding missions until the new year. However, the reality is that another season may be the best time for you or your family to sell. Sometimes you have to wait for a two-year mark to avoid capital gains or a tenant to terminate their lease, a new home to be found or a bonus check to be received! The bottom line is, whenever you’re ready, we’ll work together to get it sold as quickly as possible with the most amount of money ending up back in your pocket. If you’re interested in an estimate of your home’s current market worth, click the seller link above and get your free online home estimate, or shoot me a message! I actually have a Custom CMA box that I put together for potential sellers, tailored to your specific home, using numbers that I run manually to get as close as possible sight-unseen. I’d love to drop one off for you!

This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but…not yet! One important first step for buyers is obtaining a pre-approval letter. This letter comes from a mortgage lender or broker and essentially tells the seller that you’re qualified to purchase the home. We definitely want to have that in hand before we schedule showings. First and foremost, it helps establish a realistic budget for the Buyer. Anyone can show you a house you can’t afford – but it won’t be beneficial for you, and in fact, could be detrimental to your decision-making process. By establishing our budget ahead of time, we ensure that my time and your time is spent efficiently, touring houses that really are as close as possible to what you need and want! Ready to schedule that consult? Find the Contact button and let’s connect!

Great question! I often meet with lenders when they are looking for a new agent to partner with. I let them talk about what they do, how they can help and what they can offer to my clients. I once asked a lender, “What makes you different?” To which he responded, “In all honesty, nothing. I can do everything that everyone else can.”

Needless to say I have never referred that lender to any of my clients.

So, what makes me different? First and foremost I love what I do because it allows me to serve people and invest in their lives in a tangible way. By providing an exceptional service by helping purchase or sell a home, I’m able to walk through a critical part of life in stride with others. Not only am I able to facilitate paperwork, negotiations and hand over keys but I’m able to encourage, listen, and bless someone else with the work I’m doing.

My easy smile, professionalism and genuine care for the person in front of me is usually the first apparent difference. My clients aren’t transaction numbers, avoided phone calls, or means to an end. I am invested in my clients’ lives far beyond the closing, many of them becoming good friends through the process. I choose kindness first, extend grace when it is least expected, and am an encourager by nature. I have laughed, cried and prayed with clients over the years and wouldn’t change a thing. 

I work hard, go above and beyond, and have a team of people to support each real estate journey so that you are cared for each step of the way.  


Short answer: Now more than ever! In the past few years we have seen new construction homes pop up seemingly overnight and new homebuilders manifest out of thin air. Build completion times are fast, it feels sometimes like you pull through the drive-thru, place your order for a 4BR/3BA home with a media room and .17 sf lot with white cabinets and modern finish package and they tell you to please pull forward to the next window to collect your keys!

This seems amazing to some, and the instant-gratification appeals consistently to our learned social mentality. However we are beginning to see some major issues in construction quality, efficiency of the project, and customer satisfaction due to this trend. Now, more than ever, it is important to walk into the new home model with a trusted Realtor® representing you. They can handle negotiations (did you know that builders will many times negotiate?), timelines, make sure you’ve got the best options for lending, most favorable contract terms, and advocate for you through the build process. It does not cost the builder (or the buyer) any more money to have that representation. A trusted real estate agent can also help you find the highest quality builder with the best reputation, programs and product for your needs. 

Anytime you walk into a new construction office or model home: 1. Tell your agent first! They may need to come with you – usually by the 2nd visit. 2. Be sure to tell the model home representative right away that you have a Realtor®! This ensures that the builder will keep that information in their file and you will automatically have that representation included the whole way through your transaction.